Moxies Menu Canada With Prices – 2024

Moxies is a Canadian restaurant chain in Canada and the United States. The Moxies gained huge popularity in Canada and became a popular brand there. They always sourced fresh ingredients to create a diverse menu that was liked by every Canadian. Moxies restaurants’ always make the best-quality product for their customers. They not only focus on product quality, but they also provide the best services to their customers. 

If you are searching for a place to dine and enjoy your day, then you must visit the Moxies restaurants. Moxies Menu Canada has a lot of items on their menu, and all the items are tasty and yummy. Try them once; you are definitely going to love the Moxies restaurants. Come dine with Moxies and discover why Moxie’s Menu Canada is a cherished destination for food enthusiasts and social gatherings alike. With locations across Canada, Moxie’s Menu Canada is proud to be a part of your community, serving up delicious dishes and creating memorable moments for our guests. Below, you can find a detailed menu with prices. Check out the menu and, by visiting the restaurant, order your favourite dish.

Moxies Menu with Prices in Canada

We provide you with the detailed menu of Moxies restaurant in Canada. You can check the menu prices of the items that are mentioned below. Visit the restaurant and order your favorite food item.

Summer Feature Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Tiny Tuna TacosCAN$ 15
Chicken Tacos ‘Al Pastor’ StyleCAN$ 22
Tuna SaladCAN$ 25
Thai Chicken SaladCAN$ 23
Rib Eye 13ozCAN$ 50
Key Lime PieCAN$ 12.5

Meal Bundles

Menu ItemPrice
3-Course Date NightCAN$ 60
Game Night ComboCAN$ 55
Burger and Wings ComboCAN$ 45

Vegetarian & Plant Based

Menu ItemPrice
Fresh Smashed GuacamoleCAN$ 16
Roasted Tomatoes & Whipped FetaCAN$ 20.25
Vegan TacosCAN$ 22.75
Vegan Tofu Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23.25
Beyond Meat BurgerCAN$ 24
Vegetarian Power BowlCAN$ 25
Sweet Potato Fries & Garlic DipCAN$ 13


Menu ItemPrice
Tuna Sushi StackCAN$ 21.75
CalamariCAN$ 20.5
Dry RibsCAN$ 19
Fresh Smashed GuacamoleCAN$ 16
Chicken WingsCAN$ 20.5
Cashew Chicken Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23.25
Vegan Tofu Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23.25
NachosCAN$ 28


Menu ItemPrice
Caesar SaladCAN$ 16.75
Avocado & Bacon Cobb SaladCAN$ 27.25
Chimichurri Steak SaladCAN$ 28


Menu ItemPrice
Steak FritesCAN$ 35.75
Sirloin 7ozCAN$ 35.75
Mushroom Sirloin 7ozCAN$ 39.75
New York 10ozCAN$ 47
Rib Eye 13ozCAN$ 50


Menu ItemPrice
Lemon Basil SalmonCAN$ 35.75
Chipotle Mango ChickenCAN$ 33
Baby Back RibsCAN$ 32.5

Pastas & Bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Madeira RigatoniCAN$ 25.5
Chicken AlfredoCAN$ 27.5
VindalooCAN$ 28
Prawn TagliatelleCAN$ 29
Vegetarian Power BowlCAN$ 25
Tuna Poke BowlCAN$ 29


Menu ItemPrice
Blackened Chicken BurgerCAN$ 23
Grilled Chicken BurgerCAN$ 23
Beyond Meat BurgerCAN$ 24
CheeseburgerCAN$ 22
Loaded CheeseburgerCAN$ 24.25
Chicken TendersCAN$ 21.25
Blackened Shrimp TacosCAN$ 22.75
Vegan TacosCAN$ 22.75

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Kids’ CheeseburgerCAN$ 15
Kids’ PastaCAN$ 15
Kids’ Chicken FingersCAN$ 15
Kids’ Grilled Chicken DinnerCAN$ 15
Kids’ Grilled Salmon DinnerCAN$ 15
Kids’ PizzaCAN$ 15


Menu ItemPrice
White Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 12.75
Bite of BrownieCAN$ 9
Key Lime PieCAN$ 12.5
Salted Caramel CheesecakeCAN$ 12.5

Bubbles & Rose – 50% Off

Menu ItemPrice
Prosecco Rose – RuffinoCAN$ 48
Cava CodorniuCAN$ 12
Prosecco, MionettoCAN$ 55.2
Champagne, Veuve Clicquot BrutCAN$ 165.2
Rosé, SaintlyCAN$ 48

White Wine – 50% Off

Menu ItemPrice
Pinot Grigio, MontaltoCAN$ 44.2
Sauvignon Blanc – Kim CrawfordCAN$ 53.2
Zinfandel, BeringerCAN$ 38
Riesling – Tawse VQACAN$ 41
Chardonnay, Trius VQACAN$ 39.2
Chardonnay, JoshCAN$ 55.2
Chardonnay, ButternutCAN$ 69.2
Pinot Grigio, Vista PointCAN$ 40

Red Wine – 50% Off

Menu ItemPrice
Pinot Noir, MeiomiCAN$ 55.2
Merlot, AdobeCAN$ 40.2
Shiraz – 19 CrimesCAN$ 48
Merlot, Rodney StrongCAN$ 65.2
Red Blend, Pasqua Romeo & JulietCAN$ 44.2
Zinfandel, RavenswoodCAN$ 55.2
Cabernet Franc, TawseCAN$ 67
Cabernet Sauvignon, Tom GoreCAN$ 53.2
Rioja – Campo Viejo ReservaCAN$ 53
0.14CAN$ Côtes du Rhône, Ogier Héritages
47.2CAN$ Amarone, Masi Costasera
95.2CAN$ Cabernet Sauvignon, Vista Point
40.2CAN$ 0

Bottled Spirits

Menu ItemPrice
Grey Goose VodkaCAN$ 90.2
Jameson Irish WhiskyCAN$ 65.2
Ketel One VodkaCAN$ 65.2
Bacardi White RumCAN$ 55.2
Bombay Sapphire London Dry GinCAN$ 55.2
Bulleit BourbonCAN$ 65.2
Crown Royal WhiskyCAN$ 60.2


Menu ItemPrice
Miller Light, Single 341 (4% ABV)CAN$ 7.5
Miller Light, 6 Pack 341 (4% ABV)CAN$ 34.5
Glutenberg, Single 473ml (4.5% ABV)CAN$ 9
Glutenberg, 4 Pack 473ml (4.5% ABV)CAN$ 26.4
Somersby Cider, 500mL (4.5% ABV)CAN$ 9
Somersby cider, 4 Pack (500ml 4.5% ABV)CAN$ 30.4
Heineken, 6 Pack 355ml (5% ABV)CAN$ 41.1
HeinekenCAN$ 8.5
Corona, Single 330mL (4.6% ABV)CAN$ 8.5
Corona, 6 Pack 330mL (4.6% ABV)CAN$ 41.1
Dos Equis, Single 355mL (4.5% ABV)CAN$ 8.5
Dos Equis, 6 Pack 355mL (4.5% ABV)CAN$ 41.1

Non Alcoholic

Menu ItemPrice
San Pellegrino Sparkling WaterCAN$ 7.25
Acqua Panna Still WaterCAN$ 7.25
Pop 355mlCAN$ 2.75

Moxies Market

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Madeira Rigatoni DIY KitCAN$ 30
Nacho DIY KitCAN$ 20
Tomatoes and Whipped Feta DIY KitCAN$ 30
Caesar Cocktail KitCAN$ 95
Hard Lemonade Cocktail kitCAN$ 95
Moscow Mule Cocktail KitCAN$ 95
Margarita Cocktail KitCAN$ 95
Moxies Menu In Canada With Prices 2024
Moxies Menu In Canada With Prices 2024

Frequently Asked Questions on Moxies Menu Canada

What are the opening hours of Moxies Canada?

The opening hours of Moxies restaurants in Canada are from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

What is the cheapest item on Moxies’s menu in Canada?

One of the cheapest and most affordable items on the Moxies menu in Canada is sweet potato fries and garlic dip. $ 13

What is the most expensive item on Moxies’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Moxies menu is the Rib Eye, 13 oz., for CAN$50.

How many locations does Moxies have?

Moxies Restaurant has 58 locations in Canada and the United States. If Moxies is in your location, then do check it out; you are definitely going to like this. 

Is Moxies a Canadian chain?

Yes, Moxies is a Canadian restaurant chain. They have a larger number of items on their menu, and all of them are super delicious in taste. Above, we provide you with a detailed menu with prices. 

How many Moxies restaurants are there in Canada?

There are 51 Moxies restaurants in Canada as of November 2, 2023, and the number is increasing every year because they deliver quality food and services to their customers.

What type of restaurant is Moxies?

Moxies is a chain of casual dining restaurants primarily found in Canada. It offers a diverse menu featuring a mix of contemporary dishes, including appetisers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, steak, seafood, and desserts.

How many items are on Moxies Menu Canada?

They have a large number of items on their menu. We provide you with the detailed menu above. You can checkout the menu with the latest updated prices.

Most Popular items on Moxies Canada

Chicken wings

One of the most popular items on the Moxies menu in Canada is chicken wings. They always use fresh chicken breasts that are free from steroids. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one serving contains 520 calories in total: protein is 42 g, fat is 36 g, and carbs are 6 g.

Dry Ribs

Moxie’s Dry Ribs is a popular dish served at Moxie’s Grill & Bar restaurants. If you try it once, you will never go back until you eat it. It was made with boneless chicken. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one serving contains 540 calories in total: protein is 27 g, fat is 45 g, and carbs are 6 g.

Smashed avocado dip

If you are a vegetarian and looking for some vegetarian dish that fulfils your craving and the taste of the dish is also amazing, then you must have tried the smashed avocado dip. This dish is made with fresh avocado and other ingredients.

Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is also a very popular item on Moxies Menu Canada. The Canadians love the chicken salad. It is made with fresh chicken and other ingredients like mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, celery, onions, peppers, pickles, and a variety of mustards. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one serving contains 460 calories in total: protein is 22 g, fat is 26 g, and carbs are 34 g.

What are the Alternatives to Moxies Menu in Canada?

Moxies is famous for its unique and best taste dinning Grill & Bar type restaurant. Just in case Moxies restaurant is is not in your city and you are not from Canada, There are many other options available for you; below, we have listed some of the main alternatives. You can check them out or try them once. Their taste is also similar to the Moxies restaurants.

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