Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu In Canada With Prices 2024

If you live in Canada and are looking for a place where you can enjoy your day and night, then you must check out Chuck’s Roadhouse. Chuck’s Roadhouse is a bar and grill restaurant; here you can get food to eat and drinks as well. The ambience of the place is so nice that you feel like you are at home. If you do check out the Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu in Canada, then you will find out that this is one of the best quality food menus at affordable prices.

Chuck’s Roadhouse has many restaurants in Canada, and all is well. They feel proud that they serve food and drinks to their customers at very affordable prices. If you visit the restaurant once, then you become a regular customer because they provide you with excellent services.

Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu with Prices in Canada

We provide you with the detailed menu of Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurant in Canada. You can check the menu prices of the items that are mentioned below. Visit the restaurant and order your favorite food item.


Menu ItemPrice
Spinach & Goat Cheese DipCAN$ 14.99
Chuck’s NachosCAN$ 15.99
Chicken WingsCAN$ 16.49
Buffalo Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 14.99
Loaded Cheese FriesCAN$ 11.99
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 10.99
Steaks BitesCAN$ 15.39
Wings, Rings & FINGERSCAN$ 18.99
Garlic Cheese BreadCAN$ 11.99
Bruschetta FlatbreadCAN$ 12.99


Menu ItemPrice
Chuck’s Size Caesar SaladCAN$ 12.99


Menu ItemPrice
Montreal Smoked MeatCAN$ 16.99
Grilled Chicken ClubCAN$ 16.99
Buffalo ChickenCAN$ 16.99


Menu ItemPrice
Smokehouse BurgerCAN$ 16.99
Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 13.99
The Big ‘Chuck’CAN$ 19.99
CheeseburgerCAN$ 12.99
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 14.99


Menu ItemPrice
Fish & ChipsCAN$ 15.99
Buffalo Chicken FingersCAN$ 16.99
Chicken FingersCAN$ 15.99


Menu ItemPrice
King of All Steaks (20 oz)CAN$ 32.99
Top Sirloin (7 oz)CAN$ 14.99
Rib -EyeCAN$ 22.99
Top Sirloin (10 oz)CAN$ 19.99
T-Bone (14 oz)CAN$ 25.29
Peppercorn New YorkCAN$ 21.99
Filet MignonCAN$ 27.49
Cowboy (14 oz)CAN$ 19.99
Texas BroncoCAN$ 21.99

Steak & Lobster

Menu ItemPrice
Top Sirloin & Lobster Tail (7 oz)CAN$ 28.99
New York & Lobster TailCAN$ 34.99
Filet Mignon & LobsterCAN$ 36.99

Old Country Bar-B-Que

Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 18.99
Rib & Wing ComboCAN$ 20.99
Chuck’s BBQ TrioCAN$ 22.99
Chicken & Rib ComboCAN$ 20.99
Half BBQ ChickenCAN$ 16.49
Chicken Breast & RibCAN$ 22.99
Quarter BBQ Chicken BreastCAN$ 14.99
Quarter BBQ Chicken LegCAN$ 13.99

Lil’ Chucks (Kids)

Menu ItemPrice
Kids Chicken FingersCAN$ 7.49
Kids Cheese­burgerCAN$ 7.49
Kids Grilled CheeseCAN$ 7.49
Kids HamburgerCAN$ 7.49


Menu ItemPrice
coca colaCAN$ 1.99
Nestea Iced TeaCAN$ 1.99
Smirnoff Ice Original (330ml)CAN$ 5
Heineken (330 ml Bottle)CAN$ 5.99
Strongbow Apple (440ml Can)CAN$ 5
White Claw Lime Seltzer (473ml Can)CAN$ 5
Chuck's Roadhouse Menu In Canada with Prices 2024
Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu In Canada

FAQs on Chuck’s Roadhouse Menu in Canada

What are the opening hours of Chuck’s Roadhouse Canada?

The opening hours of Chuck’s Roadhouse restaurants in Canada are from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

What is the cheapest item on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu in Canada?

One of the cheapest and most affordable items on the Chuck’s Roadhouse menu in Canada is a cheeseburger. $ 12.99

What is the most expensive item on Chuck’s Roadhouse’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Chuck’s Roadhouse menu is the Fillet Mignon & Lobster for CAN. $ 36.99

How many locations does Chuck’s Roadhouse have in Canada?

Chuck’s Roadhouse Bar and Grill has 70 locations in Canada. All the locations are doing well, and the number is increasing every year. If Chuck’s Roadhouse is in your city, then you must visit the store.

What is Chuck’s Roadhouse known for?

Chucks is known for the service that they provide to their customers. Their main aim is to provide a homelike atmosphere while dining out. Another reason is that they provide AAA steaks, buttery lobster tails, prime rib burgers, and many more features on their menu items.

What was the old name of Chuck’s Roadhouse?

The old name of Chuck’s Roadhouse was Crabby Joe’s. They want to do something different, which is why they rebranded the name under the parent company, Obsidian Group, for Crabby Joe’s franchise owners across Ontario.

Where did Chuck’s Roadhouse originate?

Chuck’s Roadhouse was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They also provide franchise opportunities, and as of now, they have opened more than 70 franchises in Canada.

Is Chuck’s Roadhouse a chain?

Yes, Chuck’s Roadhouse is a chain in Canada. They opened many restaurants in Canada, and all are doing well.

Most Popular items on Chuck’s Roadhouse Canada

Bacon Cheeseburger

If you feel hungry and are looking for something to eat that is good in taste and will kill your hunger, then you must try the bacon cheeseburger. It made with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one bacon cheeseburger contains 840 calories in total: protein is 44 g, fat is 44.7 g, and carbs are 50.5 g.

Grilled Chicken Club

The grilled chicken club sandwich is one of the most popular items on Chuck’s Roadhouse menu. It is freshly made with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and grilled chicken on grilled sourdough rye. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one sandwich contains 597 calories in total: protein is 43 g, fat is 24 g, and carbs are 49 g.

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozxsrella sticks are very good in taste. They are crispy in taste, and Canadians loved this dish. It is generally served with marinara sauce. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one mozzarella stick contains 962 calories in total: protein is 28 g, fat is 67 g, and carbs are 58 g. As per my recommendation, you have to try this dish once.

Kids Hamburger

Kids Hamburger is made for kids only. They loved the burger, but Chuck’s Kids Hamburger is one of the most popular items on a menu. If I talk about its nutrition value, then one mozzarella stick contains 470 calories in total: protein is 24 g, fat is 23 g, and carbs are 44 g.

Alternatives to Chuck’s Roadhouse in Canada

Chuck’s Roadhouse is a very good restaurant in Canada, and they have a large number of restaurants in Canada. Just in case the restaurant is not in your city or town, here are some of the alternatives you could enjoy. The competition is very high in the food industry, and this benefits the customer because they have many options to choose from or to try. So there are a few alternatives to Chuck’s Roadhouse in Canada; some of them are listed below.

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