Pizza 73 Menu Canada With Prices – 2024

Pizza 73 is a Canadian restaurant pizza chain founded in 1985 by David Tougas and Guy Goodwin. They are famous for their delicious and crispy pizzas. Canadian people loved their pizza; they always made the pizza with fresh veggies and chicken. They believe in giving quality food to their customers. This is the reason for the growth of their Pizza 73 chain. They have a large number of items on their Pizza 73 menu in Canada. Their Restaurant has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best-managed services and one of Alberta’s 50 fastest-growing companies by Alberta Venture.

Pizza 73 was the first delivery restaurant on Albert; they have taken orders over the phone since 1995. Every person can order their meal while sitting at home or at work. They regularly update their restaurants to provide quality service to their customers. They also take very little time to prepare the order.

If you are looking for the perfect slice in Canada, then you must check out Pizza 73. They have the best pizza, and their sauces are also very tasty. I recommend you try it at least once to get the best slice of pizza. Below, you can get the detailed menu of Pizza 73 Menu Canada with prices. 

Pizza 73 Menu with Prices in Canada

We provide you with the detailed menu of Pizza 73 Pizza restaurant in Canada. You can check the menu prices of the items that are mentioned below. Visit the restaurant and order your favorite food item.

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
10 pc Wings (Side O’)CAN$ 13.09
Single Two-Topper Pizza DealCAN$ 11.69
Two Topper PizzaCAN$ 19.99
20 pc WingsCAN$ 26.89

Everyday Deal Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Two Topper PizzaCAN$ 19.99
73 Deluxe PizzaCAN$ 20.79
BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 20.79
Chicken Deluxe PizzaCAN$ 20.79
Hawaiian Feast PizzaCAN$ 20.79
Tandoori PizzaCAN$ 20.79
Vegetarian PizzaCAN$ 20.79
Chicken Bacon Mushroom MeltCAN$ 21.79
Chicken Shawarma PizzaCAN$ 21.79
Donair PizzaCAN$ 21.79
Meat Supreme PizzaCAN$ 21.79

Solo Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Single Two-Topper Pizza DealCAN$ 11.69
Single 73 Deluxe Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single BBQ Chicken Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single Chicken Deluxe Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single Hawaiian Feast Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single Tandoori Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single Vegetarian Pizza DealCAN$ 12.69
Single Chicken Bacon Mushroom Melt DealCAN$ 13.69
Single Chicken Shawarma Pizza DealCAN$ 13.69
Single Donair Pizza DealCAN$ 13.69
Single Meat Supreme Pizza DealCAN$ 13.69

Alternative Crusts

Menu ItemPrice
Keto Crust 2-TopperCAN$ 16.29
Keto Crust 3-TopperCAN$ 17.99
Protein Lover Keto CrustCAN$ 17.99
Plant-Based Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 13.69
Cauli Crust 2-TopperCAN$ 16.59
Cauli Crust 3-TopperCAN$ 18.29
Gluten Free CheeseCAN$ 13.99
Gluten Free PepperoniCAN$ 13.99
Gluten Free HawaiianCAN$ 14.99
Gluten Free VegetarianCAN$ 14.99

Wings & Shrimp

Menu ItemPrice
10 pc Wings (Side O’)CAN$ 13.09
20 pc WingsCAN$ 26.89
10 Boneless WingsCAN$ 15.29
20 Boneless WingsCAN$ 28.29
10 GF Boneless WingsCAN$ 15.29
20 GF Boneless WingsCAN$ 28.29
10 pc ShrimpCAN$ 13.09
20 pc ShrimpCAN$ 26.89
Popcorn Chicken: Snack BoxCAN$ 6.49
Popcorn Chicken: Small BoxCAN$ 10.99

Chicken Sandwich

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Sandwich – ClassicCAN$ 7.89
Chicken Sandwich – GarlicCAN$ 7.89
Chicken Sandwich – Ghost PepperCAN$ 7.89
Plant-based Chicken Sandwich – ClassicCAN$ 8.89

Wedgies & Fries Menu

Menu ItemPrice
12 WedgiesCAN$ 7.59
16 WedgiesCAN$ 9.59
Big Box of FriesCAN$ 7.19
Big Box of Onion RingsCAN$ 7.49
Big Box of Potato Wedges – 1 KetchupCAN$ 7.49
FriesCAN$ 5.19
Onion RingsCAN$ 5.49
Potato Wedges – 1 KetchupCAN$ 5.49

Dips & Extras Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Two-Bite BrowniesCAN$ 4.59
Dipping SauceCAN$ 1.04
Funnel CakeCAN$ 7.29
Small Bag of ChipsCAN$ 1.89
Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.49
Caesar Salad + ChickenCAN$ 8.49
Caesar Salad + BaconCAN$ 8.49

Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Can of PopCAN$ 1.79
Variety Six PackCAN$ 6.99
2L Bottle PopCAN$ 3.99
Spring WaterCAN$ 2.59
Monster EnegryCAN$ 4.49
Pizza 73 Menu Canada for 2024
Pizza 73 Menu Canada

Frequently Asked Questions on Pizza 73 Menu Canada

1. What are the opening hours of Pizza 73 Canada?

The opening hours of Pizza 73 restaurants in Canada are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

2. What is the cheapest item on Pizza 73’s menu in Canada?

One of the cheapest and most affordable items on the Pizza 73 menu Canada is a small bag of chips. $ 1.89.

3. What is the most expensive item on Pizza 73’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Pizza 73 menu is the Cauli Crust 3-Topper for CAN$ 18.29.

4. Is Pizza 73 only in Canada?

It is a Canadian pizza restaurant chain and was acquired by a Toronto-based pizza chain in 2007 for CA$70.2 million. Pizza 73 has more than 89 locations in Canada.

5. When was Pizza 73 invented?

The first restaurant, Pizza 73, opened in 1985. At that time, they gave quality pizza to their customers at a very cheap price. They are generally known for the reliable delivery of quality pizzas to their customers at a reasonable price.

6. Which brand of pizza is best?

There are many brands of pizza in Canada. But as per my recommendation, you must try the Pizza 73 restaurant for pizza. Their pizza is delicious and crispy in taste, and the prices are also very reasonable.

7. Can we order the pizza online?

Yes, at Pizza 73, you can order the pizza online. They have been taking online orders since 1995. You can easily order the pizza just by sitting at home.

8. How many types of pizza are on the Pizza 73 menu?

There are many types of pizza on the Pizza 73 menu in Canada. Above, we provide you with the detailed menu of Pizza 73. You can check the menu and select the best one to order.

Most Popular items on Pizza 73 Canada

Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is considered one of the most popular items on the Pizza 73 menu. This item made with fresh chicken, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. It’s the perfect meal for your hunger; the taste is very good, and it keeps you full for a longer period of time.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

If you are looking for pizza and can’t find the perfect one for you, then you must have tried the BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza 73. It’s perfect in taste and made with chicken, bacon, and red onion. They always use fresh chicken to give quality to their customers.

Onion Rings

Onion rings are a popular item on Pizza73 that loved by every Canadian. It is light and crispy in taste. They made it with fresh onions and a crispy batter. You have to try this meal to satisfy your cravings.

Boneless Wings

Boneless wings are very good in taste. They were made with boneless chunks of tender, all-white meat. The Pizza73 always use fresh meat to serve good-quality food to their customers. They generally served with your choice of dip.

Two Topper Pizzas

If you are hungry and looking for a meal that fulfils your hunger and whose taste is good, you must have tried the Two Topper Pizza; this is considered one of the most popular on Pizza 73 Menu Canada.

Alternatives to Pizza 73 in Canada

Pizza 73 is a very good restaurant in Canada, and they have a large number of restaurants in Canada. Just in case the restaurant is not in your city or town, here are some of the alternatives you could enjoy. The competition is very high in the food industry, and this benefits the customer because they have many options to choose from or to try. So there are a few alternatives to Pizza 73 in Canada; some of them are listed below.

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