Pizza Hut Menu Canada With Prices – 2024

Pizza Hut is an American multinational restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, by Dan and Frank Carney. Pizza Hut is considered one of the most popular pizza brands in all of the world, and people are crazy about this brand. The reason behind this is that the taste of the pizza is damn good, there is a lot of variety in Pizza Hut Menu Canada, and other than pizza, they also have multiple products. You can order it Online, by phone, or by visiting the store. Pizza Hut also offers a number of deals and offers that will keep you coming back again and again. At Pizza Hut Canada, you always get high-quality products with fresh ingredients that will keep you coming back from time to time.

Pizza Hut is famous for Pizza. And they have been serving fast food in Canada for the past 55 years, since 1968. Below, you can find all their menu items with prices.

Pizza Hut Menu with Prices in Canada

We provide you with the detailed menu of Pizza Hit food restaurant Canada. You can check the menu prices of the items that are mentioned below. Visit the restaurant and order your favorite food item.

Pizza Hut Menu Canada With Prices
Pizza Hut Menu Canada With Prices

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
Boneless BitesCAN$ 11.99
TraditionalCAN$ 12.99
Large BreadsticksCAN$ 9.49
Cinnabon® Mini RollsCAN$ 9.99
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 12.79

Limited Time Only

Menu ItemPrice
Flatbread – Beyond Italian Sausage AlfredoCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Italian MeatsCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – VeggieCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Chicken and MushroomCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Hawaiian CrownCAN$ 9.19
Create your Own FlatbreadCAN$ 9.19

14″ Large Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
14″ Large Create Your OwnCAN$ 19.54
14″ Large Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 29.32
14″ Large The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 30.47
14″ Large HawaiianCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 28.17
14″ Large CanadianCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Triple CrownCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Chicken CaesarCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large BBQ ChickenCAN$ 29.32
12″ Medium Pizzas
Menu ItemPrice
12″ Medium Create Your OwnCAN$ 17.24
12″ Medium Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 26.44
12″ Medium The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium HawaiianCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium CanadianCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Triple CrownCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Chicken CaesarCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium BBQ ChickenCAN$ 25.29
9″ Small Pizzas
Menu ItemPrice
9″ Small Create Your OwnCAN$ 13.79
9″ Small Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 20.69
9″ Small The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 19.54
9″ Small HawaiianCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 18.97
9″ Small CanadianCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Triple CrownCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Chicken CaesarCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small BBQ ChickenCAN$ 19.54
6″ Personal Pizzas
Menu ItemPrice
6″ Personal Create Your OwnCAN$ 5.74
6″ Personal Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 9.19
6″ Personal The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal HawaiianCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal CanadianCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Triple CrownCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Chicken CaesarCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal BBQ ChickenCAN$ 8.04
XL Panormous® Pizzas
Menu ItemPrice
XL Panormous® Create Your OwnCAN$ 20.69
XL Panormous® Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 34.49
XL Panormous® The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 32.77
XL Panormous® Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® HawaiianCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® CanadianCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Triple CrownCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Chicken CaesarCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® BBQ ChickenCAN$ 33.34
Menu ItemPrice
TraditionalCAN$ 12.99
Boneless BitesCAN$ 11.99
Menu ItemPrice
Regular Beyond Creamy AlfredoCAN$ 10.99
Family Beyond Creamy AlfredoCAN$ 17.99
Regular Creamy Chicken AlfredoCAN$ 12.49
Family Creamy Chicken AlfredoCAN$ 20.49
Regular Meaty MarinaraCAN$ 12.49
Family Meaty MarinaraCAN$ 20.49
Regular Mediterranean con PolloCAN$ 12.49
Family Mediterranean con PolloCAN$ 20.49
Regular Mediterranean VegetableCAN$ 10.99
Family Mediterranean VegetableCAN$ 17.99
Sides Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Regular BreadsticksCAN$ 5.99
Large BreadsticksCAN$ 9.49
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 12.79
Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Caesar SaladCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Regular Garlic BreadCAN$ 4.99
Large Garlic BreadCAN$ 7.49
FriesCAN$ 5.99
DipsCAN$ 1.19
Dessert Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Half Baked®CAN$ 10.34
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough®CAN$ 10.34
Chocolate Fudge BrownieCAN$ 10.34
S’more PleaseCAN$ 10.34
Cinnabon® Mini RollsCAN$ 9.99
Hershey’s® Chipits® Triple Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 9.99
The Ultimate Hershey’s® Chipits® CookieCAN$ 8.99
Drinks Menu
Menu ItemPrice
591ml BottleCAN$ 3.49
2 LiterCAN$ 4.79
CanCAN$ 2.29

FAQs on Pizza Hut Menu in Canada

1. What are the opening hours of Pizza Hut Canada?

Opening hours of Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada are 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2. What is the cheapest item on Pizza Hut’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on the Pizza Hut menu is a Regular Garlic Bread for CAN$ 4.99

3. What is the most expensive item on Pizza Hut’s menu in Canada?

The most expensive item on the Pizza Hut menu is the XL Panormous® Super Supreme Lover’s® for CAN$ 34.49

4. How many pizza huts are in Canada?

There are 554 Pizza Hut restaurants in Canada as of May 10, 2023.

5. How many slices is a large pizza?

In a large pizza, there are a total of 8 slices, but if I talk about an extra large pizza, then there are 10 slices in it.

6. What is regular pizza size?

The size of a normal pizza is a 12-in. circle, and a normal large pizza is a 14-in. circle.

7. Which pizza has the best taste?

The best-tasting pizza depends on the person. Every person has a different taste, and they generally like it according to their taste. It’s difficult to say which pizza is best for taste. But if I talk about most people, they like the five pizzas: Margherita Pizza, Chicken Sausage Pizza, Veg Extravaganza., Peppy Paneer, and Chicken Fiesta Pizza.

Most Popular items on Pizza Hut

There are many popular drinks at Pizza Hut Canada. But we tell you about some of the most popular items.

1. Meat Lover’s Pizza

Meat Pizza at Pizza Hut is one of the most popular items on the menu. The reason behind this is that the taste of the piiza is super delicious. And this is made with a pizza base and toppings with meat variety, marinara sauce, two different types of cheese, ham, pepperoni, bacon, and hot sausage.

2. The Ultimate Cheese Lovers Pizza

The ultimate cheese Pizza is loaded with cheese. The people who love cheese will love this cheese pizza. The taste of the pizza is classic and balanced, which is why everyone loves it.

3. Chicken Fiesta Pizza

Chicken Fiesta Pizza is another popular item on the Pizza Hut menu. This PIzza is made with fresh and juicy chicken, cheese, and fresh onion and capsicum. Everyone loves this Pizza because the price is also very reasonable.

4. Margherita Pizza

Pizza Margherita is a typical Neapolitan pizza made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil. This Pizza is A classic treat for all the cheese lovers out there! For those who are vegetarians, this pizza is a treat because the taste is so good.

5. Veggie Lover’s Pizza

Veggie Lover’s Pizza is the perfect choice for vegetarians because all the vegetables are included in this pizza. The reason behind the amazing taste of this pizza is that Pizza Hut Canada always uses fresh and organic veggies to make the perfect pizza for them. If you don’t eat meat, then this Pizza is perfect for you.

Alternatives to Pizza Hut in Canada

Pizza Hut Menu Canada is one of the most affordable and tasty menus in Canada, and most of the public loves to come in and have their tasty meal. There are also some members of the public that don’t love the Pizza Hut menu and want to try some other stuff too. For them, there are many alternatives to Starbucks in Canada, and some of them are Burger King, Tim Hortons, Denny’s , Harvey’s, KFC, and Subway. But in spite of these,Pizza Hut is the most popular and dominant pizza chain in Canada.

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