Mcdonald’s Menu Prices in Toronto | January 2024

Mcdonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chain in the world. Mcdonald’s has restaurants all over the world including Canada. It has been serving food in Canada for over 50 years now, founded in the year 1967 with its headquarter in Toronto. Through this post, we’re covering the McDonald’s Menu Prices in Toronto. If you are living in Canada and loves to eat at Mcdonalds then make sure to check out the menu to see what food options you have.

Mcdonalds has one of the most complete menu where you get everything from burgers to fries to chicken combos. Check out the Mcdonald’s menu prices for Toronto below and decide out what you want to eat today.

Bundles and Sharing

Menu ItemPrice
Family Bundle (Serves 3)CAN$ 27.99
20-piece Chicken McNuggets Meal (Serves 2)CAN$ 27.29
40-piece Chicken McNuggets (Serves 4)CAN$ 29.99
Value Bundle Meal (Serves 4)CAN$ 35.59

Burger Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Big Mac Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.69
Double Big Mac Extra Value MealCAN$ 14.99
Big Mac (No Meat) Extra Value MealCAN$ 10.19
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.79
Quarter Pounder BLT Extra Value MealCAN$ 13.39
Quarter Pounder without Cheese Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.19
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value MealCAN$ 14.79
Double Quarter Pounder BLT Extra Value MealCAN$ 15.49
Double Quarter Pounder without Cheese Extra Value MealCAN$ 13.49
Triple Cheeseburger Extra Value MealCAN$ 10.49
Double Cheeseburger Extra Value MealCAN$ 9.19
McPicks McDouble MealCAN$ 8.39

Chicken & Fish

Menu ItemPrice
Bacon Deluxe McCrispy Extra Value MealCAN$ 15.89
McCrispy Extra Value MealCAN$ 13.79
Spicy Habanero McChicken Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.79
McChicken Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.49
6 McNuggets Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.69
10 McNuggets Extra Value MealCAN$ 15.29
Filet-O-Fish Extra Value MealCAN$ 12.29
Double Filet-O-Fish Extra Value MealCAN$ 14.49
McPicks Junior Chicken MealCAN$ 8.39
Bacon Deluxe Grilled Chicken Extra Value MealCAN$ 15.69
Classic Grilled Chicken Extra Value MealCAN$ 13.79

All Day Breakfast

Menu ItemPrice
Egg BLT McMuffinCAN$ 5.29
Hotcakes & BaconCAN$ 5.89
Egg BLT McMuffin Extra Value MealCAN$ 8.29
Hotcakes & Bacon Extra Value MealCAN$ 9.19
Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.19
HotcakesCAN$ 4.69
Egg McMuffin Extra Value MealCAN$ 8.19
Hotcakes Extra Value MealCAN$ 7.89
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.29
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffin Extra Value MealCAN$ 8.49
Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.29
Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffin Extra Value MealCAN$ 8.49
Sausage McMuffinCAN$ 2.99
Sausage McMuffin Extra Value MealCAN$ 6.39
Hotcakes & SausageCAN$ 5.89
Hotcakes & Sausage Extra Value MealCAN$ 9.19

Happy Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Happy Meal Hamburger with Apple SlicesCAN$ 5.19
Happy Meal Hamburger with Mini FryCAN$ 5.19
Happy Meal Hamburger with Small FriesCAN$ 5.19
Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Apple SlicesCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Mini FriesCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Small FriesCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Apple SlicesCAN$ 6.29
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Mini FriesCAN$ 6.29
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Small FriesCAN$ 6.29
Happy Meal Hotcakes with Apple SlicesCAN$ 4.73
Happy Meal Hotcakes with Small FriesCAN$ 4.73

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Med Premium Roast CoffeeCAN$ 2.19
Med AmericanoCAN$ 2.79
Med Decaf CoffeeCAN$ 2.19
EspressoCAN$ 1.69
Med Orange Pekoe TeaCAN$ 2.19
Double EspressoCAN$ 2.29
Med Earl Grey TeaCAN$ 2.19
Long EspressoCAN$ 1.99
Med Green TeaCAN$ 2.19
Med Peppermint TeaCAN$ 2.19
Premium Roast Coffee Carafe (Serves 12)CAN$ 18.79
Med Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 4.09
Med French Vanilla Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 4.39
Med Caramel Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 4.19
Med Sugar Free Vanilla Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 4.19
Med Cappuccino (2% Milk)CAN$ 3.89

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Med Coca-ColaCAN$ 2.59
Med Coffee FrappéCAN$ 3.69
Med Diet CokeCAN$ 2.59
Med Iced CoffeeCAN$ 2.69
Med Coke ZeroCAN$ 2.59
Med Caramel Iced CoffeeCAN$ 3.19
Med SpriteCAN$ 2.59
Med Vanilla Iced CoffeeCAN$ 3.19
Med Barq’s Root BeerCAN$ 2.59
Med NESTEA Iced TeaCAN$ 2.59
Med Fruitopia StrawberryCAN$ 2.59
Med Peach Passionfruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.69
Med Strawberry Banana Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.69
Med Mango Pineapple Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.69
Med Blueberry Pomegranate Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.69
Medium Vanilla Chai FrappéCAN$ 3.69


Menu ItemPrice
Baked Apple PieCAN$ 1.69
2 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 1.79
2 Baked Apple PiesCAN$ 2.09
6 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 4.69
Muffin & Coffee PairingCAN$ 3.47
12 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 9.19
Blueberry MuffinCAN$ 1.79
Fruit & Fibre MuffinCAN$ 1.79
Carrot MuffinCAN$ 1.79
Cranberry Orange MuffinCAN$ 1.79
Banana Chocolate Chunk MuffinCAN$ 1.79
6 Baked Muffins AssortedCAN$ 7.49
Pick Your Own 6 Baked MuffinsCAN$ 7.49
Brownie CookieCAN$ 1.09
Chocolate Chunk CookieCAN$ 1.19

Sweets & Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Fudge SundaeCAN$ 3.99
Regular Skor McFlurryCAN$ 5.19
Caramel SundaeCAN$ 3.99
Brownie CookieCAN$ 1.09
Chocolate Chunk CookieCAN$ 1.19
2 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 1.79
6 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 4.69
12 RMHC CookiesCAN$ 9.19
Baked Apple PieCAN$ 1.69
2 Baked Apple PiesCAN$ 2.09
Regular Kit Kat McFlurryCAN$ 5.59
Regular Smarties McFlurryCAN$ 3.99
Regular Oreo McFlurryCAN$ 5.19

Snacks & Sides

Menu ItemPrice
Med FriesCAN$ 4.39
PoutineCAN$ 5.89
Apple SlicesCAN$ 1.69


Menu ItemPrice
Nugget SauceCAN$ 0.39
Big Mac SauceCAN$ 0.69
Mayo-Style Sauce PacketCAN$ 0.39
Ketchup PacketCAN$ 0
SaltCAN$ 0
Pepper PacketCAN$ 0
Butter PacketCAN$ 0
Peanut ButterCAN$ 0
Becel PortionsCAN$ 0
GravyCAN$ 0.69
Vinegar PacketCAN$ 0
Spicy Habanero SauceCAN$ 0.6

Individual Items

Menu ItemPrice
Big MacCAN$ 7.49
CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.09
Double Big MacCAN$ 8.49
HamburgerCAN$ 2.79
Big Mac, No MeatCAN$ 4.69
McDoubleCAN$ 3.69
Quarter Pounder With CheeseCAN$ 7.89
Bacon Deluxe McCrispyCAN$ 8.99
Quarter Pounder BLTCAN$ 8.49
Quarter Pounder without CheeseCAN$ 7.29
Double Quarter Pounder With CheeseCAN$ 9.59
Double Quarter Pounder BLTCAN$ 10.19
Double Quarter Pounder without CheeseCAN$ 8.49
Triple CheeseburgerCAN$ 5.19
Double CheeseburgerCAN$ 4.39
Double HamburgerCAN$ 3.29

Most Popular Items on Mcdonald’s Menu Toronto

Mcdonald’s is renowned for its mouth watering food items. There are a variety of food items to choose from (check the menu for more information). Below we have shared some of the most popular and best selling items on the menu of Mcdonalds.

French Fries

No one makes french fries as Mcdonalds, I personally love eating french fries at mcdonalds. Those delicious slices of golden goodness are an absolute treat, it’s one of the best selling item at mcdonalds. Small fries has aroung 240 calories, 11g fat, and 3g protein.

Happy Meals

Who does not love happy meals? Mcdonalds has a bunch of happy meals options for their customer. You can have hamburger happy meal, cheese burger happy meal, chicken snack happy meal, hotcakes happy meal, and more.

Chicken McNuggets

Chicken McNuggets is one of the ordered food item. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Made with 100% seasoned chicken breast. 4 Chicken McNuggets has 170 calories, 9g fat, and 10g of protein.

Big Mac

The list of most popular mcdonalds items is incomplete without the mention of Big Mac. This item has become a sensation in the fast food world. The special-sauce-loaded, sesame-seed-bun-surrounded burger concoction is too delicious and a must try food item in the menu of Mcdonalds.

Apart from these items, there are plenty of other items which are loved by people such as Double Cheeseburger, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Snack Wraps, Egg McMuffin, Premium salads, McGriddles breakfast sandwich, etc.

FAQs on Mcdonalds Canada

Q. What are the opening and closing hours of Mcdonald’s Toronto?

A. Please note that the Mcdonald’s is open 24 hours in Toronto.

Q. What’s the cheapest item on Mcdonald’s menu in Toronto?

A. 2 Baked Apple Pies for CAN$ 2.09 is the cheapest item on the menu.

Q. What’s the most expensive item on Mcdonald’s menu in Toronto?

A. Value Bundle Meal (Serves 4) for CAN$ 35.59 is the most expensive item on the menu.

About Mcdonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Limited is the Canadian master franchise of the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s, owned by the American parent McDonald’s Corporation. Mcdonalds is known for delicious fast food items, the menu of mcdonald’s is quite diverse and there are a variety of items such as hamburgers, chicken, French fries and soft drinks. McDonald’s is known for its high fat and calorie foods, but it also has alternatives such as salads, juice and milk.


What are the Alternatives of Mcdonald’s in Canada?

When it comes to fast food, there are many choices in Canada that are alterntive to Mcdonald’s. We are living in times where customer is the king, there is a huge competition among fast food restaurants which benefits customers. Following are some of the alternatives of Mcdonald’s in Canada.

  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Osmow’s


Mcdonald’s is one of the most renowned fast food chain in Canada. The first store opened in 1967 as the Western Canadian franchisee and operated with the U.S. operations. McDonald’s restaurants are present in most of the provinces and territories of Canada. Canadian people loves to eat at Mcdonald’s and this is the reason why there are so many locations of Mcdonald’s in Canada. For all Mcdonald’s lovers in Toronto, here we have shared the McDonald’s Menu & Prices in Canada.

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