Dairy Queen Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Dairy Queen, Inc. (DQ) is a multinational fast food chain, founded in the year 1940. Dairy Queen has restaurants across world including Canada. Dairy Queen is famous for a variety of hot and fried food, as well as original frozen dairy products that vary from location to location. Through this post, we’re covering the menu prices of Dairy Queen in Canada. If you are living in Canada and interested in knowing about the menu items of Dairy Queen and their prices then check out the information below.

Dairy Queen offers a variety of ice cream and dairy delights. People who have a sweet tooth or love daily items must check out the Canadian menu of Dairy Queen that is shared below.

Dairy Queen Menu with Prices in Canada

We provide you with the detailed menu of Dairy Queen food restaurant Canada. You can check the menu prices of the items that are mentioned below. Visit the restaurant and order your favorite food item.


Menu ItemPrice
Blizzard CakeCAN$ 52.08
Standard Celebration CakeCAN$ 45.88
DQ Treatzza PizzaCAN$ 26.04
Turtles Blizzard cakeCAN$ 52.08

Chicken Baskets

Menu ItemPrice
6pcs Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 14.5
6pcs Honey BBQ Glazed Sauce and tossed Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 15.74
4 pcs Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 11.77
4pcs Honey BBQ Glaze Sauce and Tossed Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 13.01
6pcs Buffalo Sauce and Tossed Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 14.63
4pcs Buffalo Sauce and Tossed Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 12.23

Blended Treats

Menu ItemPrice
ShakeCAN$ 6.06
Under the Rainbow ShakeCAN$ 7.87
MoolateCAN$ 6.93
White Mocha ShakeCAN$ 7.87
DQ® Misty FreezeCAN$ 5.82

Burgers & Sandwiches Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 14.5
Original Cheeseburger CombosCAN$ 10.4
FlameThrower ComboCAN$ 15.12
Original Cheeseburger Double Combo (1/3 lb)CAN$ 12.64
Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe ComboCAN$ 14.74
Mushroom Cheeseburger ComboCAN$ 14.12
Backyard Bacon Ranch 1/3lb* DoubleCAN$ 15.36
Loaded Steakhouse ComboCAN$ 15.36

Burgers and Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice
Original CheeseburgerCAN$ 4.79
Spicy Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.91
Mushroom CheeseburgerCAN$ 9.54
Flame ThrowerCAN$ 10.53
Backyard Bacon Ranch 1/3lb* DoubleCAN$ 10.78
Loaded SteakhouseCAN$ 10.78
Spicy Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.91
Bacon Two Cheese DeluxeCAN$ 10.16
Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.66


Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Chicken Salad BowlCAN$ 11.15
Grilled Chicken Salad BowlCAN$ 11.15
Side SaladCAN$ 4.58

Blizzard ® of the Month

Menu ItemPrice
Caramel Fudge Cheesecake Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Cotton Candy Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Reese’s Caramel Pretzel Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06

Limited Time Offering

Menu ItemPrice
Brownie Oreo CupfectionCAN$ 8.92
Banana SplitCAN$ 8.67
Skor Caramel Brownie CupfectionCAN$ 8.92
Frozen Hot ChocolateCAN$ 6.93

Blizzard® Treats

Menu ItemPrice
IT’S BACK! Pumpkin Pie Blizzard® Treat:CAN$ 6.06
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
IT’S BACK! Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard®CAN$ 6.06
OREO® Cookie Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Mint OREO® Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Reese® Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
IT’S BACK! S’mores Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Fudge Pecan made with Turtles Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
Smarties® Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06
OREO® Cheesecake Blizzard® TreatCAN$ 6.06

Kid’s Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Kid’s Chicken Strip BasketCAN$ 8.92
Cheeseburger Kid’s MealCAN$ 8.92
Hamburger Kid’s MealCAN$ 8.92

Snacks and Sides

Menu ItemPrice
Pretzel Sticks with Zesty QuesoCAN$ 5.2
Onion RingsCAN$ 4.45
Crispy Ranch Chicken WrapCAN$ 4.33
Crispy Flamethrower Chicken WrapCAN$ 4.33
FriesCAN$ 3.71
PoutineCAN$ 6.93
Side SaladCAN$ 4.58
Grilled Flamethrower Chicken WrapCAN$ 4.33


Menu ItemPrice
Soft DrinkCAN$ 2.98
Misty SlushCAN$ 4.43
DQ Misty FloatCAN$ 5.82
Aquafina Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.96

DQ Novelty Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Buster BarCAN$ 3.71
DQ SandwichCAN$ 3.09
Dilly BarCAN$ 3.09
Non-Dairy Dilly® BarCAN$ 4.08
Dairy Queen Menu With Prices In Canada
Dairy Queen Menu With Prices In Canada

Most Popular items on Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has a lot of delicious and tasty items on its menu be it ice cream treats, burgers, sandwiches, snacks, slides, fries, etc. There are a variety of items to choose. Some of the most popular items on Dairy Queen menu are listed below.

Blizzard Treats

Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Treats are probably the most popular menu item that is loved by the people. The large variety of flavours offered by Blizzard has made it a favourite treat for Canadians of all ages.

DQ Chicken Strips

Dairy Queen’s Chicken Strips are a popular choice for those who loves savoury snack. There are two dipping sauce options available for these crispy, delicate chicken strips: traditional ranch and BBQ. They provide a gratifying and tasty alternative that draws people in.

DQ Cheeseburger

DQ Original Cheeseburger is one of the popular item. Tucked inside a warm, toasted bun are a juicy hamburger patty, pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes, along with melting cheese. This burger is a perennial favourite because of the harmonious blend of savoury and fresh ingredients.

DQ Sandwiches

Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Grilled Chicken Sandwich are the popular sandwiches options available. Sandwiches are expertly toasted to bring out the flavours of their quality ingredients.

So these are some of the popular items on the menu of Dairy Queen in Canada. Check out the full menu to see a variety of items offered by DQ in Canada.

FAQs on Dairy Queen Menu in Canada

Q. What are the opening and closing hours of Dairy Queen Canada?

A. The opening and closing hours may vary from location to location. The general hours are from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm in Canada.

Q. What’s the cheapest item on Dairy Queen’s menu in Canada?

A. Misty Slush for CAN$ 2.75 is the cheapest item on Dairy Queen Canada menu.

Q. What’s the most expensive item on Dairy Queen’s menu in Canada?

A. Blizzard Cake for CAN$ 42.50 the most expensive item on Dairy Queen Canada menu.

Q. Which Canadian Province has the most Dairy Queen restaurants?

A. Ontario has the most Dairy Queen restaurants with 184 locations currently in operation.

Q. What is the top selling menu item at Dairy Queen?

A. The Blizzard was and still is DQ’s signature top selling item.

About Dairy Queen

International Dairy Queen, Inc. (DQ) is an American multinational fast food chain that was founded in the year 1940. Franchise system has been used by Dairy Queen to expand its operations and restaurants in other countries. The first store in Canada opened in Melville, Saskatchewan in 1953. Dairy Queen has over 700 locations across Canada where delicious food is served that is enjoyed by families and friends. Dairy Queen is a must to eat spot for all those people who loves dairy delights specially ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes, and other dairy delights. If you are looking to have some great food or drinks then stop by local Dairy Queen.

Website: https://www.dairyqueen.com/en-ca/

What are the Alternatives of Dairy Queen in Canada?

Dairy Queen is quite famous in Canada and people loves to eat at DQ when it comes to ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other dairy delights. But the question is “what are the alternatives to Dairy Queen in Canada”. We are living in times where we have plenty of options for almost everything. So there are a few alternatives Dairy Queen in Canada, some of them are listed below.


If you are in search of the best and most special dairy products, then Dairy Queen is the best place to visit. Here, you can find fresh dairy products like ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and other dairy delights. They always make the ice cream with fresh milk that is sourced directly from farmers. At last, I can say to you that if you are hungry and looking for something healthy and fresh to eat, then you should visit the Dairy Queen in Canada. Here, you can find a wide range of menus and order as per your choice.

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